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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 16, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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sandra: thank you to congressman peter king exiting, did you have a good time? >> couldn't have been better. sandra: "outnumbered overtime." "happening now" starts now. >> fox news alert. donald trump will receive his first-classified priesting tomorrow. the briefing for the presidential nominee will likely take place in p an fbi office in new york city. we are covering all of the news "happening now" now. devastating floods in louisiana. more rain is in the forecast. plus, the end of an era, as a las vegas icon comes crashing down. what is replacing the casino.
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and dramatic crash. it is all "happening now". and we begin with with the gop- led house oversight committee pursuing perjury charges against hillary clinton. >> hello, everyone. i am eric shaun in for jon scott. >> there is a letter from the u.s. attorney's office and detail criminal comments between the sworn testimony about the e-mails and what the fbi found in the investigation this they say contradicts what mrs. clinton claimed. >> we have catherine herridge with more in dc. >> reporter: the republicans released the video contradicting the testimony of hillary clinton
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with the fbi director. the 30000 e-mails and government records there are discrepance uponies. >> did someone physically look at 62000 e-mails or did you use search terms and date perimeters. >> they did all of that and went through every single e-mail. >> lawyers did not individually read the content of all of her e-mails as we did for those available to us. >> in the brief letter, the justice department made no commitment to act on the the allieses or is there a time frame provided. the fbi analysis comparing what clinton told congress and investigators should take weeks and not months. >> it is a record established what she said and the investigation is complete on
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what she said subsequent to that congressional testimony, that would be a relative simple matter to make a decision of perjury. >> reporter: the clinton campaign said the director comey testimony cleared up discrepancies and the republicans disagree on this point, jenna. >> something we will watch. the house committee highway lighted the video with the discrepancies. we'll take a look. >> there were two servers? >> no, there was a server. >> just one. and so just one server and that is what the fbi has. >> the fbi has the server that was used in the tenure of my state department service. >> secretary clinton used several different servers in the four years in the state department. >> i provided the department which has been providing you with with all of my work-
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related e-mails. >> the fbi also discovered several thousand work related e-mails that were not among the group of 30000 returned by secretary of state. >> and so is there a possible criminal case. >> saris a watch dog for the washington reporter. and dan is here also. dan, can mrs. clinton be charged with perjury to what she said under oath? does that make it criminal? >> certainly she can be. but the question is will she be? i doubt it. the statements to the committee were not true. perjury is a legal charge. are they convictable false statements she made to congress. that is a judgment call and since mrs. clinton is the nominee for one of the two major
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parties for presidency, they would have to be be absolutely certain they would be able to convict her and not charge her. >> sarah, what do you think? you think it will stay in the political realm. >> the reason why the fbi decloined to push charges against hillary clinton, they didn't find criminal intent behind her actions and that could be why the perjury case moved forward. they might find they don't match the evidence uncovered by the fbi. but they may find evidence that she knowing he filed false statements. you will find the case fail to move forward. >> how can you prove that? dan, three of the little c's that former president clinton called bull. but they were classifiededí6úq] material. and type e mails and discrepe pansy that she said they turned
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over all of the material to the state department. it was not true. >> no, it was not true, as a political matter, the e-mail is hillary clinton's biggest political vulnerability. >> why is that? >> it started in march of last year and she tried to explain what was going on with that server. and commentators said what she said that day was not credible. hillary clinton, from day one of the server story is half truths. and her numbers of credibility is under 30 percent now. and most americans do not believe most of the things that hillary clinton says now. and if donald trump were to raise this issue over and over in detail that this is a point, and effect her political a chilles heel. no one believes her. >> sarah, dan is saying that the
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untrustworthiness poll numbers started a long time ago and will continue. and they are going to release a summary of the evidence that could potentially lay out the whole case dealing with her, information that we don't know about? >> exactly. and beyond the fact that we are still waiting to see notes from the fbi about the investigation and beyond the fact that there is lingering questions of potential perjury, hillary clinton keeps the story in the headlines. every time she is faced with the issue her answers are called in question. she said she short circuited and told chris wallace that the testimony from james comey exonerated her. and her to not be willing to admit she was careless with classified information, that is
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making inrods in the e-mail controversy. >> it will not go away. the state department will review 110 classified e-mails. what happens if they come out, black, black, black and showing all of the classified material on this? >> most of the pnl will conclude there was classified material. and she denied that. and it raises issues of her own fitness to be president. they don't want to vote for hillary clinton for president. and this is one of the primary reasons that her inability to give a straight answer about anything related to the e-mails raised doubts about whether they want to put her in the oval office. >> if we see a e-mail that said dear madam secretary, and it is blacked out, the trump people could use that in a commercial.
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jenna? >> it is a hot bed of illegal immigration. donald trump and hillary clinton with different plans and both coming under fire. william has the story? los angeles. >> reporter: jenna, clinton and trump disagree on everything. trump wants a wall and hillary doesn't. she defends sanctuary cities and he would cut off federal aid. and deport 11 million illegal immigrants and she offers citizenship. >> those who patrol it disagree. >> people are turning themselves in and we are luck toe catch 40 percent of those who don't turn themselves in. >> reporter: hillary clinton promises to legalize the illegals that are here. >> let's move to comprehensive
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illegals. >> and trump would require employers hire americans first. new imdprapts need to prove they will not need welfare and require employers to verify immigration status before hiring a worker. >> he views immigration from a euro- sum kind of attitude and hillary clinton recognizes that immigration have for a long time continue to be a net positive for the country. >> clinton promises to stop deportations and close immigrant centers. >> i will not deport children or families. >> agents call that open border. >> we are allowing too many to come in unchecked and unvetted and free roam in our country. >> clunton said she would use executive authority and offer work permits if congress refuses to has.
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it has rejected comprehensive immigration reform five times in the last ten years. >> donald trump is holding a town hall tonight with sean hanitiy. >> there is new fears in the wake of the coup in turkey. the american war planes about 50, but are they safe in that unstable country. >> and the former secretary putting terrorist on the defense? donald trump said that is not the case. our next guest agrees with mr. trump. >> the rise of isis is direct result of policy decisions made by president obama and secretary of state clinton.
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>> we have a president that doesn't want to say the words. anyone who cannot name our enemy is not fit to lead our country. anyone who cannot condemn the hatred and violence of islam lacks the moral clarity to serve as our president. the rise of isis is the direct result of policy decisions made by president obama and secretary of state clinton. >> donald trump blaming president obama and hillary clinton for the rise of isis in the foreign policy address yesterday. and even before he started talking, mrs. clinton and vice-president biden were slamming his ideas. former national security advisor daniel benjamin said isis is on the defensive because of
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clinton's policy. >> her turn in the state department was a positive one and saw the virtual defeat of al-qaeda in afghanistan and pakistan. and that was the greatest threat we faced after 9/11. isis is on the retreat right now. and we have seen news that suggest that their territory has been reduced 40 or more percent. and the leadership is destroyed in iraq and syria and afghanistan and libya. and many other places and secretary clinton as president would be aggressive to pummel their sanctuaries. >> we is have the senior editor from the journal. mr. benjamin had a high position advising mrs. clinton and the state department. his claims one by one.
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is al-qaeda defeated? >> no, on june 28th. the presidential envoy to the coalition testified before the senate and said the front in syria was the largest al-qaeda affiliate in history. this is correct and we documented it in the long board journal and they were so worried about the scrutiny they changed the name and rebranded and much reported they had split. that is not true. this goes to show the fast disparity and what elite people say about these things. on the one hand al-qaeda has the largest paramilitary in syria right now. >> and the reason i wanted to focus on the statement, in 2012, we heard al-qaeda is on the run and that was familiar on the
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campaign trail and i wonder federal we would hear it from hillary clinton. i wanted to check out the facts. >> october of last year, the u.s. military destroyed the largest training camp that al-qaeda had in afghanistan. >> ever? >> before or after 9/11. it doesn't matter. they were putting hundreds of trainees through the camp. and the files recovered in osama bin laden's compound showed that al-qaeda had a massive foot print in afghanistan and aligned with the taliban. and the spent forces a political narrative and very few people are are looking at the facts. >> talking about isis. we are hearing that isis on retreat mainly pointing to geographical territory. >> isis has lost a grip on
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areas. but they can launch operations in syria and iraq. and the expansion of the anti- western and reaching out in europe and inspire attacks the areas in the west. we don't know what is directed by them. >> just because they have less territory is not less power. they want to control the territory for sure and that is a big important step absolutely. but the problem is, they pose more than just territory threats. >> trump is claiming that president obama and hillary clinton essentially created isis and the terrorism that we are facing today. that is a question that many struggled with. about who is to blame for terrorist; how would you answer that? >> his speech was better p than calling president obama the founder of isis. the legitimate argument is when
10:20 am
the last american troops were pulled out. according to the state department the country terrorism report said isis had only 1 or 2000 fighters. flash forward they had 20 or 31000. some of us were arguing don't pull all of the american troops out of iraq. they need to stay there to keep it camped down. the american troops were pulled out so quickly meant we were not there to fight them. and there are many causes and this is one of them. >> not one person or political parrott owns that. >> sure. >> what would you like both candidates to talk about when it comes to america being more successful on the war on terror? >> we don't understand is not just terrorism. they are looking to it overturn political order of the countries that's why terrorism pops back up. they have spread the insurgency over all of the countries.
10:21 am
until we come up with a strategy for rolling back their political rev lougz and their ideology and that's what i did like about trump's speech, until we do that terrorism will keep going on. >> and we'll look forward to having more fact checking. >> if that is not bad enough; there is worries about the american nuclear weapons in turkey where isis controls territory. >> and some are asking if those nuclear bombs could fall in the wrong hands. the next guest said it is time to pull the nuclear weapons out of there. >> and a cement truck crushes a mini-van. and rescue crews trying to free the couple trapped beneath before it is too late.
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>> there is concern about american's nuclear arsenal in turkey. after the failed coup and crack down bite turkish president, the new report that u.s. nuclear weapons in a key air base is at risk. turkey shares the long border with syria and we have 50 nuclear bombs in the air base 70 miles from the syrian border where american military jets are on stand by to deploy one of the dangerous weapons if ordered to do that. that is in a location in the fight against isis in iraq. and the bases commander was arrested in the coup attempt. there is more reason to find out what happened if the president
10:26 am
erogen. >> the dod has taken appropriate steps to maintain the safety and security of our personnel, their families and our facilities and we will continue to do so. >> joining us is the former policy director for arms control. lacy, it is great to have you on the program. it is a fascinating report of where we have nuclear weapons and what we should do them now. why do we have nuclear weapons in turkey? >> the u.s. nuclear weapon that are there because of a nato/nuclear sharing agreement in place since the 1950. this is in cold war terms. this is something we moved on significantly. and now, they are largely for political reasons and not military value and now there is a risk, there is a reconsidering of having them. >> the risk what is it? >> the risk, the base commander
10:27 am
was escorted off of the property involved in the coup, they were looking at intense security environment close by and sort of like air base is 70 miles from syria's border and we are talking about real risks. but there are security measures in place. if there is no military reason to have them there and a risk involved, we have to reconsider having them. >> the experts say you need a code to activate them and special planes to transport them, and so in and of themselves they are not that dangerous to sit around the air base; what do you say? >> they are still nuclear weapons and in an insecure environment and you don't know if the folks involved in the coup and seeing happening in and around surlek would be safe with
10:28 am
the nuclear weapons. a dirty bomb could spread radiation cross the entire country. >> and you map out the other areas where we have nuclear weapons most americans don't know about. where else do we have the same sort of weapons stored? >> we have u.s. b- 61s. they are a nuclear weapon andous them on the battlefield. we have those in country s across europe and belgium and germ no and italy and many countries, have these stationed in them. and they would be used and delivered by other nato members or the u.s. would in the case of turkey have to fly in and pick up the weapons to deliver them. many military leaders say it is unlikely including general cart wright. the military use of the weapon
10:29 am
system is practically nil. we would use a larger nuclear weapon. >> i hope you don't mind me asking this. you are a now mom and i think as a mom myself. you think of foreign policy in a personal way, how nervous does this make you in general that we have these nuclear weapons and how much risk does it pose to the american families over all. namerican families and i am a new mom and certainly i think about that. i have a six month old who will grow up and have to worry about these things. particularly the b61 concern me because they are notes inially going to be used. we have seen in other bases in europe, activist have gotten close to the weapons in the past. they are a subject of controversy for sometime and the fact that they are so close to the syrian border and hostile hands that is a thorough
10:30 am
concern. >> you are raising a red flag. we'll put it out there for the viewers to read it in full and understand it and it is a fascinating topic. and lacy, i appreciate having you on the program. >> thank you for having me. >> that is thought provoking. obama loses another support isser. one of the largest insurance companies is cutting back on the obama care plans. and the death toll rise nothing louisiana. thousands of people are seeking shelter and look at that scene. coming up why the disaster may not be over yet. >> what is left if anything. everything i had is gone. everything. everything. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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trubiotics from one a day. (announcer vo) you can go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy. >> as if they have not suffered enough, thousands of people in louisiana floods. eight people are dead and streams and rivers in the gulf are ready to overflow. 8000 are live nothing shelters and thousands more have been rescued. we have live team coverage. they are standing by in the extreme weather center and we begin with stacey segal. >> hi, casy.
10:35 am
>> reporter: the damage is so widespread. when you get in the car and drive around, it doesn't take you long to run in neighborhoods just like this one. the water halfway up to the stop sign there. this is in east baton rouge parish. the government now said that at least 40000 homes across louisiana have been impacted and some form or fashion by the torrential rains that fell. 20 inches in some places. there are first responders who discovered another body in the flood water near baton rouge and bringing the death toll here to eight. 20000 people have been rescued since friday and some resident coming back and returning to nothing. >> it is hart breaking.
10:36 am
this is where i grow up and i never have seen this. there's no words to describe what is going on. >> the u.s. coast guard said just last night, a family of three was trapped in their car surrounded by fast- rising water. they were rescued including a five day old infant. the sun is shining in the moment, but all eyes on the sky for tonight and the remains part of the week with a possibility of more rain, something that resident do not need because the ground is saturated and even though the sun is starting to dry out things, the ground is saturated and all of the lakes and rivers and streams are at capacity if not spilling over, eric? >> that is just incomprehensible. and now senior meteorologist
10:37 am
janise dean has conditions on the gulf coast and wildfires out in the west. what a contrast in the country. >> hearts and prayers out to the gulf coast and potential for heavy rain in texas and up to tennessee and ohio river valleyses. and a stalled frontal boundary and all of the tropical moisture issued north ward. it is going from southern texas to louisiana. and the forecast precipitation. several more inches in the forecast and not good news for a dire situation, and typical of a tropical storm or hurricane. warm and sticky air. and cold front moving through and potential and isolated tornados for millions in the northeast. and including parts of jerzy and pennsylvania and new york. heat adviseries are in place.
10:38 am
it feels over hundred degrees. there is the heat that is going on. >> a lot of people need to be be in our thoughts and prayers. >> hillary clinton is opening up a significant lead over donald trump in florida. according to the poll, the democrat nominee leads trump nine points in florida. and the poll includes the libertarian nominee garry
10:39 am
johnson six percent and jill stein with one percent. five percent of the voters are undecided and that is the new polling and you are looking live in another battleground state. hillary clinton day two in pennsylvania and attending a registration event in the high school. and talking about the olympicses and how she's happy to be in pennsylvania. we'll dip in and listen a moment. >> and that's what we are going to do in america. there is nothing we can't do if we put our minds to it. i was up in scranton yesterday with vice-president joe biden. [applause] and we had a great day, both she and i have roots in scranton and we saw a lot of people that we are related to and a lot of people who tell us that we are related to then.
10:40 am
but it just reminded me of how lucky we are to be part of a country that has provided so much opportunity. it is not perfect. we know that. but there is no place that has provided more opportunity to my grandfather who came here as a imdprant and worked in a fact row and created a great life for his family and my dad who was a small businessman in chicago and worked hard. and i want that story to be true for every american family and that is -- [applause] that is the principle motivation that i have. >> hillary clinton speaking in pennsylvania. if you would like to watch her live go to fox the news today of another big
10:41 am
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visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here. >> new information on a major blow to the obama health care program. a big insurer will drop coverage. aetna will drop the coverage in some states. the policies are costing more than expected and they are losing too much money and so what does this mean for the future of obama care?
10:45 am
this is host of lares. >> let me start with you. when it comes to aetna and the on and on and united health care roeptly why is obama care going down the tubs. it is a dead plan walking because baked into obama care is a requirement that everyone is supposed to carry coverage. but the practical solution for younger people with smaller salaries, they look at choice of paying 4 or 5000 in premium for a plan that delivers nothing because of high co-pays and high detuktibles. or a fine to the irs. the choice is easy and a so what happens, a lot of younger people who are healthy will not pay. and that's leaving only people with chronic illness that are signing up. they get the plan because they
10:46 am
need. it and that means losses. and that is the same pattern in etraas united health care. there is no way to fix it other than the massive bail out by the government. >> and that is going to happen. and aetna said they lost 200 million and united health care went down from 34 states to three. they are massively cutting it out. >> first of all. aetna it is suspicious that the department of justice said no to the merger with humania. this is why we need health care reform. insurance companies don't care about patients and they care about profits. they need to make profit. but 10 million people are on obama care and if you have a preexisting condition aetna
10:47 am
and no one can turn you away. blue cross and others have hundred plans. this will not be the end of obama care tmight be the end of aetna with people with lower price plans. >> what about more on the government and more on medicaid, leslie? >> actually, yes, for a temporary amount of time. but that's why we had the exchanges and why going forward more expapgz on the exchanges especially if hillary clinton is elected. >> but ceo of obama care blamedet in saying the companies need to be competitive. and he said 11 million americans are covered. >> when you tell a company you have to be competitive and then force all of these people to join and the people say no, we are going to pay the fine. is lesly seriously suggesting
10:48 am
whennetna gotangry. they said we'll get even by losing 2 or 300 million. they lost a third of a billion dollars. this is baked in. this is a numbers game, you talk to the folks and if all you cover is primary sick is people and the healthy people don't pay premiums. the thing that is called the law of large numbers doesn't work. >> that is one of the issues and we are out on of time. we'll see how it goes and see if aetna changes its mind. it does cover people. jenna. >> there are war planes in syria. president putin makes power plays. what does he have up his sleeve? and i a cement maker rolled over
10:49 am
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hello, everyone, i'm sandra smith. we've got a brand-new interview with donald trump who just sat down with our own john roberts. he had some choice words about the situation in milwaukee. plus fbi director james comey just getting a letter saying in part, i'm done sitting idly by as too big to fail politicians get away with breaking the law. who sent that letter? we'll talk to him live. could one of the world's greatest mysteries involving gold be solved this week? we'll tell you the answer starting in about seven minutes. dramatic and frightening
10:53 am
crash in southern china caught on tape, take a look at this. surveillance video capturing that moment when that cement tanker rolled right over that minivan, leaving a couple trapped inside. passersby pulled them from the wreckage. rescuers had to use a forklift to get the man out. they survived and were rushed to the hospital. they are being hailed today as a miracle couple. >> that makes sense, based on that video. unbelievable. high level discussions in the wake of russian air strikes on isis. secretary of state john kerry and the russian foreign minister have been discussing the unfolding situation by phone. russia says its war planes took off from a base in iran to target isis and syria. that's a first. russia has never launched syrian operations from a middle eastern nation other than syria. but it's also extremely rare that iran would allow anyone to use their air bases.
10:54 am
meantime, more tensions between russia and ukraine over crimea. new cease-fire violations in the eastern part of ukraine even as ukraine moves some of its air defenses to crimea. benefit gentlem benjamin hall is live in crimea with more. >> reporter: the tensions have been going on for the last two years. 9,000 people have died. now it's back in the headlines and looks to be escalating. we've seen cross-border raids. we've seen violations of the cease-fire. now the big question that everyone is asking, is putin going to invade? many seem to think so. over the last week russia has been holding live fire military exercises in the mediterranean and the black sea. putin has used these exercises in the past as a smokescreen for an attack, and some analysts think he may be doing the same. russia has moved its tanks to
10:55 am
the borders, with as many tanks on the borders as nato has in europe. joe biden has contacted the russian foreign minister and the president of ukraine, urging them to calm down and keep things civil. but at the moment, more people are saying that the u.s. has to do more. yesterday american tanks and soldiers did join an annual parade in poland in a symbolic show of u.s. military involvement. there will be continued u.s. buildup in the region which next year will include 4,500 additional soldiers. people are asking what putin is playing at, just at a time when the u.s. was reaching out to russia, and the relationship was getting better, he makes this move. of course only putin knows what he's going to do. >> good to have you there in kiev, benjamin hall, thank you. a piece of las vegas history comes tumbling down. coming up, what made the riviera
10:56 am
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my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry, through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european.
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so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. he looks a little bit like me, yes. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at in the final 30, an iconic piece of the vegas strip goes up in smoke. for the last tower of the riviera hotel and casino, the demolition brings an end to one of vegas's most famous casinos. the riv hosted everyone from b liberace to frank sinatra. it appeared in the james bond film "diamonds are forever," the
11:00 am
list goes on and on. ever been there, any party at the riviera? >> here and there, yeah. >> i bet you're dangerous at the blackjack table. >> how did you know? thanks for joining us. >> "america's election headquarters" starts right now. all right. donald trump back on the campaign trail one day after his speech on foreign policy calling for a whole new war on terrorism. hello, everyone, i'm sandra smith. donald trump in wisconsin today, a state he lost in the primaries. but full of working class voters that his campaign believes he can win over. meantime, hillary clinton stumping in pennsylvania. another toss-up state but one that hasn't gone republican since 1988. we have fox team coverage. jennifer griffin is following hillary clinton in philadelphia. we begin with theru


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